ECommerce businesses face different challenges. The competition in eCommerce is so huge. So it takes extra hard work, and time to stay ahead of the competition. However, all successful eCommerce businesses have one or two things in common.

In this post, I will discuss some these characteristics that successful businesses have in common.

  1. Get your technology right. This is 2017; there are lots of eCommerce software and hosting available, so there is no excuse for eCommerce websites that won’t work. However, getting your technology right is not about having a bug-free website. It is about using the technology to achieve business ends.
  2. Don’t give customers a hard time on your site. If you want your customers to come back for more, you have to make their purchase convenient. On the contrary, some eCommerce websites make their purchase very complicated. Instead of making their purchase very easy, they make a first-time buyer:
  • Fill up a registration form
  • Login
  • Go through series of mouse clicks after filling all the long forms.

Even successful eCommerce business records 20% to 30% of their customers abandon their shopping carts. That kind of amount for stores that make their purchase very easy. Try guessing the amount of customers who will abandon their shopping carts in stores which their purchase is very difficult.

  1. Be cost effective. As the competition increases, all eCommerce business is forced to cut their prices. Although some business chooses to place their prices high, while others offer deep discounts. But your eCommerce business should be cost-effective. Only e-commerce business with effective costs will survive.
  2. Differentiate your business. You should act as a great entrepreneur and marketer here, ask yourself these questions – Do you offer the lowest price? Why should a customer visit you? Do you sell exclusive products or services? Are your customer services the best or one of the best available? Try answering these questions well. You should always know that selling everything doesn’t pay. I know you will try to prove me wrong by pointing out Amazon. Amazon sells everything, but you are not Amazon. You have to make sure that your business stands for something specific. The greatest way to differentiate your business is to solve at least one problem that most customers face – especially a problem that no other person is solving.


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