Every marketer talks a lot about buyers and target audiences. But the truth is that do we know anything about our target audience. Understanding our target audience is one of the most difficult tasks for any marketing activity.

Just when we marketers think we understand everything about our target audience, an issue pops up that will make us rethink everything.

The main reason most marketers don’t understand their target audience is that they are not focusing on the right elements. Every marketer knows the age range, job type, geography, and gender of their target. But that is not all we need to know. Think of this, not everybody who has similar profile information with you share the same interest with you.

For you to fully understand your target audience, you need to add other elements to your buyer’s persona analysis. Web psychologist Liraz Margalit gave six recurring patterns of online behavior which is specifically suited for targeting online audience.

Here are the six patterns of online behavior:

  1. The Brand-oriented visitor. This type of buyer will get attracted to products based on the seller’s reputation. You will notice that these types of visitors will play around with product attributes with little to no interest in price or functionality. This type of buyer is always aroused emotionally and will buy when he/she gets attracted to a product or service.
  2. The wish Lister. This type of buyer will follow up with the early stage of buying, but will not complete the sale. They are the kind of buyers that will place goods in their shopping cart without completing the purchase. When you notice a buyer like this, try sending them emails on the specific item they are interested in.
  3. The satisfier. This type of buyer has certain standards and criteria, and they will only purchase goods once those criteria are met. The best way to make sure this type of customer buys from you is by filtering the products on your site. You can filter your products by price, size, type, brand, category, review rating, color, etc.
  4. The maximizer. This type of buyers needs solid assurance that they are making the best decision. They don’t believe in second-best. They will not buy a product or service until they have seen the best.
  5. The rational visitor. This type of buyer would make sure he/she does his/her research well before buying from your store. You might notice that this type of buyer will look through your site for information and data. The best way to make this buyer buy from you is by offering content that is rich in facts, statistics, information, and comparisons to prove that they are making the best decision.
  6. The hesitator. This type of buyer is the one who will place an item in the cart and still hover a Call to Action as if they need assurance to proceed. The best way to make sure this buyer-type buys from you is by populating your web pages with feedback, approval, and positive wordings.